Valley View Respectful Language Essay Winners Read Excerpts at 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Christopher Lee, Cole Weinberg, Arjun Gupta and Elizabeth Zheng received Valley View PTA Essay Awards at the 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony held on Monday, June 20, 2022.

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Four Valley View 5th grade essayists received awards for their outstanding words. Christopher Lee, Cole Weinberg, Arjun Gupta and Elizabeth Zheng received Valley View PTA Essay Awards at the 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony held on Monday, June 20, 2022.

In addition to recognition, each of the winners was asked to read a portion of their winning essays.

The 2022 Valley View PTA Essay theme was Respectful Language. The PTA requirements for the essay included instructions that asked students to write about a time that respectful language impacted you in a positive way and how positive language can positively impact our society today and our school community.

Below is the transcript of the portions of their essays that each of the winning essayists read at the June 20 promotion ceremony. The readings can be heard by viewing the recording of the LIVE Valley View 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony on the Montville Township Public Schools FaceBook page. NOTE: the essay presentations begin at minute 28:37.

Christopher Lee:

Thinking of ways that respectful language will be able to impact our school community in the future is an important thing to know how to understand. Respectful language is not just a needle in a haystack, it is what drives us to be our own positive selves.  A way that I could use respectful language to impact my community in the future is to stand up for what matters, stand up for who you are, why you’re here, and why you care with reason and passion. Respectful language is what makes us great, and it can transform our community too. Our school community will keep changing, but at that, it will change for the better, and will be known all around the world, and especially our community in Montville. So many people are impacted by the art of language, speaking, talking, mumbling, yelling, positive or negative. It takes a form on us and has its own impacts on our future and how we’ll be handling it. Our community has many students, parents, teachers, staff, e.t.c that help us learn, have fun in our lives, and manage everything in between. Our community knows how to be respectful, and that's one thing I know will be here to stay. Our community also knows when, and when to not speak, when to stand up, when to sit back down as well. Our future is bright, and let’s not have the sun set on it, but have it burning with passion as we go towards our next goal.

Cole Weinberg:

Many people often use positive language in our society nowadays. Many people in today's world are trying to make a difference in our society. For example, Greta Thunberg. One of the most inspirational people in the world. This thirteen year old girl had a passion to make a difference in our society. This girl wanted us to make a difference in the change of Global warming.  This girl set out to make her dream come true. Greta Thunberg inspired many people to be aware of what is happening in today's world, and inspired many young children to take her path in what she is doing. This truly does show how amazing that just one person can make a difference towards the whole world.

Arjun Gupta:

A second reason that I believe positive language can impact our society in a good way is because I can think of ways that I can use respectful language to impact my school community in the future. Using positive language, I can think of many ways that I can make someone feel good, better, happy, cheerful, and more which supports my claim that positive language can have an extremely positive effect on our society. For instance, if I am at recess, and someone else is alone, I can talk to them to make them feel entertained and happy. Or, if I am working on an assignment with someone, I can tell them how to correct flaws in their work to help them climb higher on the mountain of academic success. A final example of a way I can use respectful language in the future is by making someone feel like they are not alone, and have a friend. Do you ever feel that you are the only one that is in a certain mindset, and you feel a surge of loneliness wash over you like a tidal wave of sadness? I can be respectful and make them feel like they have others to be with and someone who is on their side and appreciates them. This shows that I can be respectful in several situations, whether anyone is stuck on a hard equation or someone is in need of a friend. I believe that choosing the right words can make someone feel better about themselves. Doing this, I can make a positive impact on my school community like a meteor of kindness zipping through the air, landing on a planet of sadness. To sum it up, another reason that positive language can impact our society for good is because I can think of different ways that I can be respectful to my school community, in any way, and by doing this, I believe that positive language, can, have an amazing impact on our society today.

Elizabeth Zheng:

Words of kindness can not only benefit society, but it can also benefit you, when friends or family say them to you. One morning, a few months ago, I was having a really bad day, and I didn't know what to do to lift my spirits. The sun was shining bright in the chilly spring air, and everyone seemed to be happy but me. One of my friends decided to come over and talk to me. I don’t think they knew I was having a bad day, but their kind words, excitement, and joy just made me smile and laugh. In certain times like these, whether the person knows it or not, even just a joyous, “Hi!”, can change someone's whole day, like it changed mine.

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