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First Quarter ShopRite STARS Honored by Montville Township Board of Education

First Quarter ShopRite STARS: Brendan Glennon, Academics; Joe Rehberg, Athletics; Yoo Jin Kang, Arts; Sahana Vaidya, Community Service and Shriya Minocha,Leadership

Congratulations to these outstanding ShopRite STARS: Brendan GlennonAcademics; Joe RehbergAthletics; Yoo Jin Kang - Arts; Sahana Vaidya - Community Service and Shriya MinochaLeadership. Superintendent Dr. Thomas A Gorman and BOE Vice President Michael Palma presented the awards.


The Montville Township Board of Education honored 5 seniors of the Montville Township High School Class of 2023 for their outstanding dedication. The five were named as 2022-2023 First Quarter ShopRite STARS. Assistant Principal, Kenneth Nadzak, introduced the students to the members of the BOE, and the community at large at the Tuesday, November 15, 2022, BOE meeting. The five seniors, each with extraordinary achievements during their four years at MTHS, have displayed dedication and passion for helping others. Each has had a positive and lasting impact on MTHS and the community beyond.

The five ShopRite STARS were nominated by MTHS faculty members in one of five different categories, and the winners were selected by an administrative committee.  In addition to the recognition of these students, Sunrise ShopRite in Parsippany, New Jersey, will generously donate $1,000 to the Class of 2023.  A photo of each student is displayed in the Sunrise ShopRite and on a plaque in the MTHS main office.

“This school year marks our 22nd year of participation in this incredible program,” Nadzak said. “Please join me in congratulating each of our STARS this evening.” 

Brendan Glennon received the award in the field of Academics.

“Having a 4.6+ GPA would define most students,” Nadzak stated, “but that isn’t even the most impressive thing about Brendan. The fact that he has been able to maintain the GPA while also contributing to the MTHS Community in meaningful and profound ways truly sets Brendan apart from many others.  In the building, Brendan is President of our Key Club, FBLA Event Coordinator and Head of the Stock Market Game, Co-President of Math Club, and Inductee into National Honor and Italian Honor Societies.” 

Glennon’s exceptional talent has been recognized in a variety of ways; he was accepted into the NJ Governor’s School of Engineering and Technology in 2022, is a 2022 National Cyber Scholar and 2023 National Merit Commended Scholar. 

“In addition to all of the above and a course load of 7 AP classes including Research in Molecular Biology and Multivariable Calculus, Brendan received the President’s Volunteer Service Award because of his community service work with Pathways,” Nadzak added.

Glennon is still applying to colleges and plans to pursue a major in Aerospace Engineering. 

Joe Rehberg received the award in the field of Athletics.

“Joe gave the entire MTHS Community some exceptional highlights during the last four years, especially this year as the quarterback of our football team,” stated Nadzak. “Joe’s talent and leadership on the field gave us a winning record and competitive home playoff game. In one of his most defining games, Joe went 12 of 16 for 261 yards and five touchdowns in the season-opening win against Morris Catholic. In the same game, Joe carried the ball 13 times for 70 yards and a touchdown. For the performance, Joe was recognized as the New York Jets and Gatorade High School Player of the Week, a truly outstanding accomplishment for any athlete.” 

In addition to playing baseball and football for four years and basketball for two, Rehberg has been able to maintain a 3.7+ GPA with rigorous courses including AP and Honors-level classes. 

“When he is not contributing in the classroom or on the field,” Nadzak added, “Joe gives back in other ways including through volunteering at Pathways, teaching younger children about sports. 

Rehberg is still applying to colleges, but wants to continue playing football in the fall and plans to pursue a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. 

Yoo Jin Kang received the award in the field of the Arts.

“Yoo Jin has been described as an immensely talented musician who is incredibly humble and giving,” Noted Nadzak. “For eight years, Yoo Jin has been playing and perfecting the violin. Our first glimpse of her greatness was at a Winter Concert where Yoo Jin earned the rare opportunity as a freshman to perform as a soloist.”

For four years, Kang has graced the entire community with the gift of her music. 

“For example,” Nadzak added, “Yoo Jin’s quartet has played for the Chelsea in Montville, at State School Board meetings, Tri-M functions, the 2021 MTHS Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Montville Garden Club and here at Board of Education meetings.” 

Currently, Yoo Jin is Concertmistress of the MTHS Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra and President of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. 

“In this capacity, Yoo Jin is coordinating fundraising opportunities for the upcoming trip to Disney World and is assisting with the planning of a Children’s Concert in the spring,” Nadzak explained. “Despite the countless hours practicing and performing, Yoo Jin has maintained a 4.1 GPA, is Treasurer and Vice President of the Chinese Honor Society and President of the Christian Club. 

Kang is still applying to colleges but plans to major in Psychology. She also plans to continue her violin career. 

Sahana Vaidya received the award in the field of Community Service.

“Sahana has given back to our shared community on both small and large scales,” Nadzak said. “Locally, Sahana has been a member of Girl Scouts since 1st Grade and recently earned her Silver Award which commemorates 50 hours of service. For her Silver Award, Sahana promoted the use of reusable bags and raised awareness about other environmentally friendly practices to maintain the beauty and preservation of our community.”

Currently Vaidya is awaiting approval to pursue a Gold Award which requires at least 80 hours of service. 

“On a more global scale,” Nadzak continued, “Sahana volunteers virtually at STEM Center Africa.  In this capacity, Sahana currently runs a STEM-based female empowerment book club for girls ages 8-12 in Kenya.  The support and education Sahana provides to this population is absolutely incredible and we applaud the valuable work she does.” 

Additionally, Vaidya interns at the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at Montclair State University and presented at the 2022 Eastern Psychological Association poster conference. 

“Sahana is also Editor-in-Chief of the MTHS Muse Magazine, an inductee into National Honor, Tri-M Music and Spanish Honor Societies, and has also been published in the Brian Sciences journal” concluded Nadzak

Vaidya is still applying to colleges and plans to double major in Psychology and English. 

Shriya Minocha received the award in the field of Leadership.

“Shriya holds numerous leadership positions in a variety of fields,” Nadzak noted. “For example, for the past two years, Shriya has been one of the Woodwind Captains for the MTHS Marching Band. Shriya is also President of Life Science for Science Olympiad and Co-Director of a STEM Summer Camp. Because of the way she has conducted herself in leadership positions, Shriya has received some individual accolades including winning three Science Olympiad NJ State Medals and obtaining the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for her work in Pathways, where she is currently the Director of Beginner Technology Courses.” 

Minocha was selected to be a “Student Scholar,” or teaching assistant, in Research in Molecular Biology last year at Montville Township High School, and assists in the instruction and management of the course this year. 

“The reason why Shriya was selected as the recipient for this award was not because of the flashy titles or personal accomplishments. Rather, Shriya exemplifies all of the characteristics we should look for in a leader – she is intelligent, empathetic, honest and regularly looks for ways to help those around her become better.  Shriya will become a leader at any college she chooses to attend.”

Minocha plans to pursue a degree in Biomedical Engineering. 

The ShopRite STARS program is sponsored by Sunrise ShopRite of Parsippany. MTHS has been involved with the program for twenty-two years.

The ShopRite STARS Awards are designed to recognize the most consistently active and engaged students in a school population. Students are chosen each marking period throughout the school year. Seniors are nominated for consistent and outstanding performance during their four year high school career. The MTHS ShopRite STARS have their photos displayed on a plaque in the school and also at the Parsippany Sunrise ShopRite. Sunrise ShopRite annually donates $1,000 to the MTHS graduating class’ senior activities.


Congratulations to these outstanding students: Brendan Glennon – Academics; Joe Rehberg – Athletics; Yoo Jin Kang - Arts; Sahana Vaidya - Community Service and Shriya Minocha – Leadership; Superintendent Dr. Thomas A Gorman and BOE Vice President Michael Palma presented the awards.

Five Montville Township High School students received recognition for excellence in Academics, Athletics, Arts, Community Service and Leadership at a recent Montville Township Board of Education Meeting. The five were named First Quarter ShopRite Stars for the 2022-2023 school year. They have been honored both by Sunrise ShopRite in Parsippany, and MTHS. Congratulations to these outstanding ShopRite STARS: Brendan GlennonAcademics; Joe RehbergAthletics; Yoo Jin Kang - Arts; Sahana Vaidya - Community Service and Shriya MinochaLeadership. Superintendent Dr. Thomas A Gorman and BOE Vice President Michael Palma presented the awards.

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