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September Letter to Parents and Guardians

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A Message From Superintendent Dr. Thomas A. Gorman

September 1, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians:

COVID Protocols Relaxed

As we emerge from the pandemic, protocols that have been in place for the past two years have been relaxed.  Recently, the New Jersey Department of Health has updated their COVID-19 Public Health Recommendations for K-12 Schools. The Montville Township Public Schools (MTPS) website has the most up-to-date information for you to review but, in general, schools will be returning to pre-pandemic norms.  To summarize some of the more prominent protocols:

  • Wearing masks in school will be optional on a daily basis
  • Masks will only be mandatory upon returning to school after a positive case on days 6-10
  • Test-to-stay option is no longer required for close contacts
  • Students will be sitting, collaborating, and playing together as in pre-Covid years
  • Schools will continue to be disinfected on a daily basis
  • Ventilation units in classrooms will continue to exchange outside air through proper filters  

If a child tests positive for Covid, they will have to remain home for at least five (5) full days after the onset of symptoms or, if asymptomatic, after the positive test.  For more details please refer to the MTPS website above.  If you have specific questions or concerns regarding your child, please reach out to your school’s principal or nurse.


New Food Service

Regarding the wellness of students, the District contracted with a new food service provider for Lazar and MTHS. Chartwells is committed to providing a great dining experience for the faculty, staff, and students. In a recent food tasting and presentation, they did an outstanding job explaining their goals and demonstrating how and what they will be offering.  Chartwells is looking to:

  • Give many food options
  • Provide healthy solutions
  • Serve smoothies
  • Serve locally raised food
  • Allow meals to be pre-ordered
  • Provide healthy snacks after school for high school students

Healthy eating is all about quality and choice. 

To order Lazar and MTHS lunches in advance, please see LunchLetter2022 on the website. The letter includes additional important information about Chartwells and hot lunch options. 

We look forward to this new relationship.


Facility Improvements 

Over the summer, many construction and maintenance projects were worked on to give the schools a new look. These projects are part of the ongoing branding and maintenance upkeep of the District.  A few of the more visible improvements are:

  • Hilldale - parking lot repaved
  • Valley View - new entranceway which includes a small area for outdoor classrooms
  • Cedar Hill, William Mason, & Woodmont- new district branding signage, new gym wall panels, and new windows are in the process of being installed
  • Lazar - new entrance, new district branding signage, and facade painting
  • MTHS - new state-of-the-art athletic turf field and track; several hallways were repainted 

It is an on-going District priority to improve, repair, and renovate portions of all district facilities annually.  This priority continues to economically and effectively  provide excellent educational environments for students.

The 2022-2023 school year begins on September 6.  With the changes noted above, and many more improvements on the way, we expect this school year to be extremely successful.  Montville Township Public Schools are outstanding and award-winning.  Together we will continue to educate, inspire, and empower our students.



Thomas A. Gorman, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

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