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Spring 2021

Keith Spector and Mr. Len Saunders will again be co-teaching Family Life for 5th grade boys. Mrs. Barmore, the school nurse, will teach the girls. Family Life is designed to introduce to 5th graders the developmental changes that come with puberty and adolescence. 

This spring, fourth graders will again be participating in the ‘Keep a Clear Mind Program.’ The program involves students taking home activity booklets and working together with their parents to read material and answer questions related to alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana use, and to make good choices in the future. In addition to the four activity booklets, the program includes five parent newsletters.

Valley View will launch National Be Kind Online Day on May 14, 2021. Leading up to Be Kind Online Day will include informative and fun lessons that will give students a better understanding of what social isolation is and how it happens online. Students will also learn how to understand their own online persona, how online social isolation affects young people and by making a pledge, they can contribute to building and maintaining a healthy and inclusive community online.

Valley View will be participating in National Autism Awareness Month by raising awareness about autism.