School Counseling: Tattling vs. Telling

Last Updated: 5/29/2019 5:55 PM


Tattling vs. Telling


*Please review all books prior to sharing with your child.  Be sure to discuss story content with your child. 


Telling Isn’t Tattling by Kathryn M. Hammerseng

Description:  This easy-to-read book describes several situations and asks kids to determine whether the characters are just snitching on each other or if they really need adult help. It also alerts parents and caregivers so that they learn to pay attention to kids' requests. "Telling Isn't Tattling" encourages kids to think about how they might handle both minor irritations and potentially dangerous situations. The book includes a place where kids can write the names and telephone numbers of people who can provide help.


A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue by Julia Cook

Description:  For adults who desire to help children understand the differences between tattling and the need to warn others about important matters.


Don’t Squeal Unless it’s a Big Deal by Jeanie Franz Ransom

Description:  Helps children figure out the difference between Big Deals that need telling and kid-sized problems that kids can work out themselves.


Rainbow Fish: Tattle Tale by Sonia Sander

Description:   Rosie and Dyna were the best of friends -- until they worked on a school project together. Angel heard the whole story and told all of the other fish -- but Angel got the story wrong. Now Rosie and Dyna don't want to talk to each other again. Can Rainbow Fish help clear up the misunderstanding and mend their friendship?


Great Math Tattle Battle by Anne Bowen

Description:  Harley Harrison is easily the best math student in second grade; he is also the biggest tattletale. Harley keeps track of how many erasers Erwin chews and how many milks too many Luis has at lunch. His math comes in very handy as he totals up these weekly infractions and turns his reports in to his teacher. Then one Monday, Emma Jean, a new student, sits in the empty desk by Harley Harrison. First she helps Harley with his math--he cannot believe it! Then she writes the teacher a note about how much time Harley wastes getting drinks of water. She's also a tattletale! Soon they're using their math skills to tattle on each other every chance they get.


Andy Shane and the Very Bossy Dolores Starbuckle by Jennifer Richard Jacobson

Description:  Bossy Dolores Starbuckle is a pain-in-the-neck to Andy Shane. Whether she's stealing his thunder or tattling, shy Andy has to find a way to stand up to his nemesis and he sometimes needs a little help!.