School Counseling - Family Support Resources

Last Updated: 5/29/2019 5:49 PM

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If your child or family is in need of some support/counseling we recommend that you start by reaching out to your child’s School Counselor and/or Case Manager. They can not only lend support to your child while they are in school, but also help refer you to available community resources.


Counseling Department                                   Child Study Team (CST)

Marissa Mazur             ext. 2336                         Lisa Tobin-Cook          ext. 2351

Jessica Gonzalez           ext. 2333                      Tom Melahn                ext. 2348

Deborah Meenan          ext. 2334                        Meri Merkt                   ext. 2349

Susan Rappaport           ext. 2335                       Kim Mooney        spec:335-2704

                                                                             Kevin Fallon                ext. 2352         

Student Assistance Counselor (SAC)

Kelly McCorkle            ext. 2338


The information provided here, along with a consultation with your child’s Counselor and/or Case Manager will help you get started in finding support.



Morris County information on Mental Health & Addictions

Morris County information on Crisis & Trauma

Coping and Growing through Grief

Suicide Prevention

State Hotline designed for Teens & Youth

NJ Department of Children & Families

Raising a Grandchild, Niece/Nephew, or Other Child Family Member

Dealing with Cancer

The counseling services listed above are not meant to be a complete listing of all available services, but more a place to get started. If you are fortunate to be covered by a health plan, we always recommend that you start the process by contacting your health plan provider or family physician. Often they will provide you with a list of local counselors with whom they are affiliated.

Additional Emergency Resources

St. Clare’s Hospital                                                       973-625-0280

Morristown Memorial Hospital                                     973-540-0100

Chilton Memorial Hospital                                            973-831-507