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Robert R. Lazar Middle School

Leadership Program


The Leadership Program at the middle school is designed to engage 7th and 8th grade students in positions of responsibility that foster interpersonal and leadership skills as well as address issues of character and school climate. After completing the 6th grade Advisory Program, the students are given the choice of applying to a Leadership Group or going into the 7th or 8th grade Advisory programs. This empowers students with choice.  It gives them the opportunity to participate in service projects, serve as role models, mentors and facilitators for their peers. The program has grown over the past few years due to the strong community ties built and the strength of the past leaders. 

The goals of this group are:

  1. To help foster a positive environment in school and improve the school/community is some way
  2. To help teach/foster qualities of Pride, Empathy, Respect, Citizenship, and Cooperation
  3. To foster positive interactions and ability to deal appropriately with conflict and social situations including social media.


How to Apply:

  1. Complete online application by: April 28, 2020 

Contact Ms. Rappaport if you have trouble accessing the online application)

  1. Facilitators will review applications
  2. A list of finalists for each group will be given to teachers for review.


If chosen in the spring, your participation is valid for the next school year. You must re-apply each year.


If selected, you will be meeting with your group during all Advisory Periods, and you may be asked to volunteer during your lunch or after school from time to time.


(15 Groups and Descriptions)


8th Grade Art Advisory (Facilitators: Mrs. Silva & Mrs. Travers)

**8th Grade Only** Art Advisory students will work on various art projects that will benefit the community of Lazar. One such project will be collaborating with teachers to design and decorate the glass panels next to their classroom doors. Students interested in being a part of Art Advisory must possess strong artistic skills as well as communication skills and have an eye for planning and design. We are looking for students who are enthusiastic about art, love a design challenge, and have the determination to complete a started project.


Breakfast Club (Facilitators: Ms. Lovenguth & Mrs. Cohen)

This group would find interesting and unique ways to increase random acts of kindness throughout the building and eventually throughout the community


FBL: Future Business Leaders (Facilitators: Mr. Lynn & Ms. Lanaras)

Think you have what it takes to buy the right stocks and make the most money in your portfolio? Want to put that to the test by competing against other teams in the region and state? Future Business Leaders (FBL) is centered around how to be a responsible member of society when it comes to money, planning, and investing. Students in this leadership group will be participating in the Stock Market Game, where teams will receive a fictional $100,000 to invest in various stocks and bonds. Students will also be put in real-world situations where math, ELA, economics, social studies, and other school subjects are put to use. This will also promote positive money habits and preparation for their future.


Female Empowerment (Facilitators: Mrs. Shuller & Mrs. Lyons)

Female students will learn about important women in society and the media and some of the struggles that modern women have to overcome to be successful. Members of the group will work together to design different activities to unite and encourage all females at Lazar and in their community to become positive and strong women. Some topics that will be discussed are self-esteem, beauty, body image, girl-to-girl bullying, gossiping, being a friend, and any other topics that girls in the group believe are important topics for women to discuss. After all in the words of Beyoncé, “Who run the world? Girls!”


MBC: Mind/Body Connection (Facilitators:  Mrs. Gonzalez & Mrs. Keiser)

This group is incorporating yoga based mindfulness and meditation techniques with stress management. Through an interactive and engaging practice, students will learn the basics of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Students will then serve as leaders by implementing practices and organizing activities in the school and community. Activities include: study and practice of yoga poses, learning about mindfulness and engaging in mindfulness, offering related activities and services to students and teachers, organizing school-wide affirmative actions, and collaborating with peers and teachers to organize events throughout the school & community.


Muralification (Facilitators: Mrs. Wardell & Mrs. Given)

If you have talent for drawing and painting and want to liven up the hallways with beautiful and inspirational artwork, quotes, and word walls, then look no further and apply to this group. Students will be involved in the creative process of developing artwork that will highlight the school's commitment to the core values.


Music For The Soul (Facilitators: Ms. Novak & Mr. Lyons)

Have you ever lost yourself in music, or wanted to? Have you ever felt the only thing you can connect with or relate to is your music? You must have heard confessions from fans expressing profound gratitude for their favorite artists, claiming their music ”changed” or even “saved” their lives. Some of the moist famous artists themselves have inspirational personal stories of music having saved their lives. Like meditation, music can take us away, clear our minds, and yes, even HEAL us! Music can also inspire the most meaningful cross-cultural connections.  No other force can manipulate our moods as effectively as music can. In this group students will learn to use music as a means for therapeutic retreat. The hope is that through the practice of listening to and delving into selections chosen or performed by group members and closely examining the emotional responses they elicit, students will begin to open up and share freely their own personal stories and experiences and walk away with a powerful weapon against negativity.


Our Town (Facilitators: Mr. Carman & Mrs. Jasterzbski)

Over the past three years Our Town leadership group has worked with Honor our Vets., Montville's VFW, and the Montville Senior House. We continue to work to make our community a better place to live and learn. We would invite students in 7th and 8th grade to join our group to continue our vision of working with the Montville Senior House and bringing other ideas/projects to our group.


Peer Mentors (Facilitators:  Ms. Freykar & Mr. Chierici)

This program is looking to help integrate students with special needs into their school and their communities. In this program, you will be paired with a students in the hopes of creating long-lasting friendships. Students need to be self-motivating, work collaboratively with others, and willing to utilize study hall and lunch to build friendship with their buddies.


School Beautification (Facilitators:  Mrs. Rollins, Mrs. Heim & Mrs. Metz)

Students in this leadership group will be involved in creating bulletin boards around the school that reflect our core values. They will also provide creative support for teachers who need anything devised in their classrooms.


Sports & Fitness (Facilitators: Ms. Koutas & Mr. Morris)

We all know that daily exercise and physical activity is important.   Not only does it keep your body healthy, but it also has an immense amount of benefits for your mind (which means less stress and better performance in your academic classes!).  Perhaps you are an athlete training for a specific sport or you are just looking for a way to be more involved in fitness.  This group is designed to help students better understand their personal fitness goals and improve their overall wellness inside and outside of school. Through cardiovascular and strength training, students will be involved in working on these goals and designing workouts that best support their needs.


STEM Pals/STEM Pals2 (Facilitators: Mrs. Castronova & Mrs. Zanone)

Are you interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)?  If so, STEM PALS is the perfect choice.  In this leadership group, we work on different design challenges in real-time with a group of elementary students (4th grade) in Parsippany.  Our room is buzzing with energy as we work alongside Intervale Elementary solving problems together.  This past year our challenges were based around amusement park rides. One of our challenges was titled "Drop, Stop, Don't Pop!"  We designed carriages to allow riders to fall quickly, but stop at the bottom of the ride safely. In another challenge we built pasta cars to travel through the center of a theme park.  Using Google sheets we tracked our cars' distance, speed, course, and cost.  We even engineered an underwater ride using large water columns for testing. We communicate with our Parsippany STEM PALS via Google Hangout and Google docs.  While we meet virtually every Thursday, a culminating field trip at the end of the year allows us to meet our STEM PALS face to face.  If you want to have fun, be a mentor to a young scientist, and use your creativity, STEM PALS is the perfect leadership group for you.


STEP: Spirit, Teamwork, Energy, Pride (Facilitators: Mrs. Gothelf & Ms. Barkey)

Do you have the energy, the “pep in your step,” and the creativity to make our school come alive through planned events during our 182 days together? If you do, then this is the leadership group for you! STEP is a group that will work together to plan both small and large events during the year to create an atmosphere of pride within our school. These events will boost our school spirit while adding loads of fun and energy to our day. CONFIDENCE, ENERGY, and a PASSION for making Lazar the best it can be are some of the qualities that will make this group a perfect fit for you! DO YOU THINK YOU’VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES? IF YOU DO, COME ON AND ‘STEP’ WITH US! WE’RE SURE YOU’LL LOVE EVERY MINUTE!


Students Working to Advance Technology (SWAT) (Facilitators: Mrs. Mosera & Ms. Viscardo)

Do you love technology? Are you your class’ go-to student when your teacher is having tech trouble? If so, then SWAT is for you! Students Working to Advance Technology (SWAT) focuses on an array of technology, video production, and design skills. As a student leader at Lazar, you will be responsible for helping both your peers and teachers, becoming IT experts, graphic designers, and TV production masters. All members are involved in educating the school community on the newest tech developments, using the latest programs to design logos, and graphic art for school organizations, and getting the word out about school events through video productions. Leadership opportunities include teaching peers about technology through SWAT’s Tech Time program, learning TV broadcasting and video production in our Get the Word Out (G-TWO) program, and working with school groups to produce graphic designs in our Collaborative Creations (CC) program. There are many ways to become further involved in SWAT, such as running for an Executive Board position or joining our Public Relations, Social Media, or Fundraising committees. If you consider yourself a leader and want to learn about video production and graphic design, then SWAT is for you! For more information, follow us on @lzswat!


Tomorrow’s Leaders Today (Facilitators: Mr. Zingone, Mr. Corr & Mrs. VanDeursen)

Learn about the various styles of leadership through analysis of film and other media. Find out what qualities are essential to effective leadership by examining movie clips, current events, and online sources. Examine examples of remarkable leadership and courage to be inspire your own path of leadership. Discover your own leadership style by investigating past and present leaders in the real world and in fiction.