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Last Updated: 4/2/2020 9:52 PM


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 Girl to Girl

This group is designed for girls to get together and discuss girl-related issues such as: decision-making, self-image, peer pressure, social skills, dangers of drug/alcohol use, and self esteem.


Positive Self

This group is designed for students who are unhappy with how they feel about themselves. It is normal for self-esteem to change from time to time, and middle school is often a very common age for self-esteem to suffer because of the onset of adolescence. This will be a place to explore negative feelings, replace them with positive thoughts, and improve overall self-confidence.


Changing Families

This group is designed for students in families in which there is: a divorce/separation, stress with alternating between “two homes,” a blended/step family, or a parent is absent from the family. These situations are very common in today’s society. This will be a place for these students to receive additional support. 


For Myself

This group is designed specifically to focus on the decision making process during the period of adolescence. Individuals at this age begin to seek greater independence from their parents and a closer sense of belonging with peers – a very healthy, and important step to adulthood. However, these young individuals are faced with a great deal of difficult decisions during this transitional period. Because of the natural distancing they do from parents, it is crucial that they develop and implement a set of meaningful values for themselves.



This group is designed for students whose lives have been affected by a family member's drug or alcohol use. These students come together to share experiences, strength, and support. Students are given the opportunity to discuss difficulties, learn effective ways to cope with problems, and support one another.  


These are only a few of the support groups offered. Please note that different groups are run each year according to student needs.