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MTHS Selects 2020-2021 Education Services Professional of the Year


Recently, a committee of individuals met to discuss the significant number of nominations received  regarding the MTHS Education Services Professional of the Year. Based on much discussion and  deliberation amongst the members of that committee, it is my distinct honor to announce the  Montville Township High School E.S.P. of the Year for 2020-2021—Mrs. Brianne Bilello. While I can  speak of her tremendous commitment to students and their high school experience, it is the words  of her peers that I feel capture, most effectively, her impact on the MTHS community: 

[Excerpt from nominations] 

On behalf of Mrs. Brianne Bilello… 

“Seeing as it is 2020, I hope it is obvious why Brianne would be nominated! But in case you need  more evidence, I offer the following: 

The role and responsibilities of the school nurse have changed over the years, but no year has  tested the limits of school nurses like 2020. While the nurses are still required to fulfil their  "normal" obligations (screenings, caring for students who fall ill in the building, helping in  emergencies, working with SACs and school counselors on high risk cases etc.) their  responsibilities have increased 1000x over with COVID-19....and they don't have more hours in  their day or more staff to help assist them in completing these Herculean tasks. At MTHS we are  lucky to have Brianne as one of our school nurses. 

Like most nurses, Brianne is the "calm in the storm" and is able to prioritize and compartmentalize.  Brianne just never seems flustered or overwhelmed and is always willing to take time to talk to a  staff member or a student. She is prompt in her follow-ups, calming in demeanor and someone who  wants the best for the students and staff at MTHS. Throughout the years when I have stopped by  the nurses' office, I have seen Brianne interacting with students and can say that she was a great  role model and support for many of our hard to reach students. Brianne cares for all students with  empathy and understanding and she is an asset to our school community. 

I think it is also important to mention that Brianne is working towards being a forensic nurse. This  is an area in the nursing profession that requires very a very specific skills set since a forensic nurse  often works with victims suffering from a significant traumatic event. I think Brianne has the  interpersonal and professional skills to handle this position and the needs of her patients.  

Brianne is deserving of being recognized for all that she does for the MTHS community.” 

Individuals within Montville Township High School that are eligible to be nominated for and  selected as the Education Services Professional of the Year include professionals with the  following certifications: 

· Anti-Bullying Specialist 

· Associate School Library Media Specialist 

· Athletic Trainer 

· Basic Skills Teacher 

· Behavior Specialist 

· Cooperative Education Coordinator

· Cooperative Education Coordinator/Hazardous Occupations 

· Director of School Counseling Services/Child Study Team 

· Educational Interpreter 

· Guidance/School Counselor 

· Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant 

· Library Media Specialist 

· Mathematics Specialist/Mathematics Coach 

· Paraprofessional (Instructional) 

· Reading Specialist/Reading Coach 

· School Nurse (Instructional and Non-Instructional) 

· School Occupational Therapist 

· School Physical Therapist 

· School Psychologist 

· School Social Worker 

· Speech-Language Specialist 

· Student Assistance Coordinator 

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