School Counseling - SACs

Last Updated: 6/29/2022 1:24 PM

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Some Commonly Asked Questions about SACs:


What is the difference between a School Counselor and a SAC?

While all students are assigned a school counselor, not all students meet with the SACs. The SACs work with students who are referred to them. The primary goal of SACs is to support students' social emotional and mental health needs so that they can achieve as much as possible in their academic life. 


How are students referred to the SACs?

Students can be referred to the SACs by a teacher, counselor, case manager, or administrator. Additionally, students can also refer themselves. 


Are my conversations with the SACs confidential?

Confidentiality does apply to students who meet with the SAC, with limitations. The limitations of confidentiality are if a student says that they are thinking of harming themselves, if a student says that they are thinking of harming someone else, or if a student says that they are being abused, even if that abuse took place in the past. In those cases, the SAC is legally and ethically obligated to break confidentiality in order to ensure the safety of the student. 


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